How To Download Paid Apps & Games For Android? [Free]

By | May 27, 2017

Today I’m going to talk about how to download Apps and Games for free on Android. Apps like Mios Haimawan have made it possible to get paid android apps for free. Every day we spend a good amount of time with our Smartphone or Tablet, and you probably know that Android is one of the operating systems with more users around the world. For Android, there are millions of Apps and Games and every day come to light more and more. This has become a brutal business, and many of the applications get a millionaire with their sales, which although they are usually cheap, the number of users who download them becomes scandalous.

paid android apps for free

Download Apps and Games Free On Android

For economic reasons, ignorance, because you do not dare to give your bank details, or if you are younger, your parents will not make it easier for you to spend money buying applications because they do not trust along with many other reasons. Many people can not buy the Applications or games they want.

If you identify with one of these cases, do not worry, as this manual will teach you in general five ways to download apps and games for free on Android. Of these five methods to download free applications from Google Play some are entirely legal and in other cases we will be able to download the applications from alternative stores, and so you must know well what you are downloading, or corroborate by the community of that store that the Application is useful.


Aptoide is the best-known app for downloading apps and free games that in Play Store are for payment. It works with repositories and is highly recommended. I have been using it since I started with Android and it has always worked correctly. You can also update the payment games you have downloaded to the latest version. And from my personal experience, I have not only used it to download paid apps, but also free apps that are not available in my country or that I simply can not download from Google Play. You can download this great app, you can do it next and if you want to know more about Aptoide, how to add repositories and how to use them click here


Blackmart or “black market” is an application that will allow us to download Android applications for free. Blackmart is an application very similar to Aptoide with which we can make downloads and updates for free with a simple and very intuitive interface. You can download Blackmarket below, although if you want to learn how to use it or want to read the complete tutorial about this tool I recommend you to see this tutorial.


4shared is a popular website that offers us upload and downloads files and is another option when it comes to downloading payment applications for free on Android. It is also in the Play Store, unlike the previous two, and has an excellent search engine that has many of the latest .apk applications you need, because it connects to the servers of 4shared and you can find many things, What you download. You can download 4shared then from Google Play, or see a more extensive entry about this app on this link.

There are more Apps of this style although I recommend especially Aptoide to be the safest “within the fits.” And it is true that you have to be careful when downloading the apps from Blackmart or 4Shared as they may have malware, that is why I always You download apps from apps like these, check your own community’s ratings on the quality of applications or games you download

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